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At Birdie's Nest you will an unmatched opportunity to see Giant Leatherback Turtles which virtually come to the doorstep during the annual turtle nesting and hatching season (April-September). Great Courland Bay, Tobago, is one of a handful of beaches in the world where these endangered creatures return every year to lay their eggs. It is an unforgettable, prehistoric ritual, to see the turtle Giant Leatherback Turtle - click to enlargeemerge from the sea, lay her cache of over 50 eggs then camouflage the spot before returning to the sea. Even if you do not witness this incredible event, there will always be the pleasure of a golden sandy beach and sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean Sea lapping at your feet - this is the beautiful Great Courland Bay, home to the Turtle Beach Resort hotel and two of Tobago's popular little tourist villages - Black Rock and Plymouth, with their local Creole restaurants and 'rum shops' and where you can hear the sweet sounds of Katzenjammers steelband, calypso and reggae rhythms or meet some of the village folk and join in with fishermen who still cast their nets daily in the picturesque ritual called 'pulling the seine'.

Airlines serving Tobago

Tobago's only airport is Crown Point International Airport (airport code: TAB).

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For detailed visitor information about Tobago, we recommend who kindly provided many of the photographs used to illustrate this website.

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